Bald Mountain

(Not one of the 46 high peaks)


Topographic map courtesy of Garmin BaseCamp.


August, 2012


Bald Mountain is located just about halfway between Old Forge and Inlet NY, on Rt. 28. It is a family-friendly and dog-friendly hike, which offers excellent views of the Fulton Chain of Lakes and the distant high peaks of the Adirondacks. As an added bonus, the Rondaxe Fire Tower at the summit provides even nicer vantage points, for a 360-degree view all around. The peak is 2350 feet high at the summit. The hike is just under 1 mile to the top, with an ascent of about 500 feet.

The trail is never extremely steep, but there are some technical sections of open bedrock ridges that may be tough to balance along for novice hikers. But there are some offshoot trails off in the woods that run parallel, if things get too tough. Thankfully, there are lots of nice lookouts along the way, which can provide a series of nice rest stops with views of the lakes below.

This hike is extremely popular, as the large trailhead parking lot would suggest. You will not be alone on this hike, that is for sure. So be ready for the possibility of having to park on the road, should you arrive later in the day.

Myself, Jen, Nate and Alex at the trailhead

Alex showing his rock-climbing skills early...

The trailhead sign. 1.1 miles to go, 770 feet of climbing.

The first 1/8th of a mile is nice, wide and barely ascends at all

This section is the first time we really get the heart rate going.

Nate waits for a helping hand for this next technical root-filled section

Nate stopping to pose for the camera on the bare rock path

The bouldery trail temporarily gets taken over by the many fingers of tree roots.

The view up the Fulton Chain of Lakes from a lookout on the way up. The peak in the distance is Blue Mountain.

Alex and Nate on a ridge of rock

This is what we called the “climbing up the back of the Brontosaurus” section

The view back towards Old Forge and McCauley Mountain Ski Area

A panorama of the Fulton Chain of Lakes with the High Peaks off in the distance.

The High Peaks off in the distance, from the Fire Tower. Blue Mountain is the big peak off to the right side.

Alex, Nate and I inside the Fire Tower.

Alex showing his excitement upon reaching the summit!

The Rondaxe Fire Tower at the summit provides really great views out over the Fulton Chain of Lakes.

The official summit marker

Looking back up the ridge that is Bald Mountain