Baxter Mountain

(Not one of the 46 high peaks)


Topographic map courtesy of National Geographic.


October, 2011


While not one of the 46 highest at 2,440 feet, it is situated in the high peaks region, and therefore offers great views, especially to the south and east. One can easily see the side of Giant, Dix, most of the great range, including Mt. Marcy and the John’s Brook valley that leads up to it. There is also a view of its neighbor to the north, Hurricane Mountain, with its fire tower visible on the summit. The climb is 1.1 miles, up 770 feet of vertical, via some delightful switchbacks in a forested dirt trail. The path is marked well from the trailhead on Route 9N, with blue trail markers. The last third of the hike has some mild scrambling up open rocks, but proved to be no real challenge, even for my 5-year-old son, Alex. It was still a hike that required effort, don’t get me wrong, but it was family-friendly, and certainly worth a visit!

From left to right: Alex, Matt, my dog Molly, Andy with Lexi on his back, Jen and Collin.

Karen and Jen follow the boys up the trail.

The family stands proud on a lookout just below the summit.

Super-zoom looking at Dix Mountain.

The view southeast towards the scarred western face of Dix Mountain, which reveals its wet rock slides.

A nice view looking across Keene Valley, and up the John’s Brook valley. The great range is on the left, leading all the way to Mt. Marcy, (NY’s highest mountain), directly in the center.

The trailhead sign. 1.1 miles to go, 770 feet of climbing.

The older sign just seems to have more character...

The stair steps section is the first time we really get the heart rate going.

The view southeast towards the scarred western face of Dix Mountain, which reveals its wet rock slides. To its right is Nippletop. The shoulder of the mountain on the left side of the picture is called Tripod Mountain.

Jen and Nate having fun at the wooded summit.

Alex, Nate and Jen soaking up some sun on a rock.

One of the steeper sections getting close to the summit.

Eating a well-deserved lunch at the wooded summit.

Collin and Alex are monkeys.