Big Crow Mountain

(Not one of the 46 high peaks)


Topographic map courtesy of Google Maps.


October, 2013


A great family-friendly hike that offers much reward, for little effort. As part of the Nun-da-ga-o Ridge trail loop, this ascent from the parking lot on O Toole road in Keene is not too challenging or far of a walk, even for my 4-year old, who led the way up the mountain!

The hike is approximately 0.6 miles to the summit of Big Crow, which is 2,812 feet. There are many nice open areas to catch some great views towards the high peaks to the south.

To get to the trailhead, head south out of Keene on route 9N/73, then turn left, heading east on Hurricane road (route 13). About 2 miles further up, turn left onto O Toole road, a dirt road. After about a mile, the road ends at a parking area turnaround.

NOTE: this parking lot has two trailheads. The one on the east side heads around the Nun-da-ga-o ridge loop counter-clockwise. You want to take the one on the west side, heading west and clockwise around the loop. This is important.

When you’re close to the summit, the trail for the Nun-da-ga-o ridge loop will turn right. You should continue straight up to the summit of Big Crow, which isn’t far now; maybe another tenth of a mile.

Once on the summit of Big Crow, you can also choose to continue on over to Little Crow Mountain. That trail will eventually meet back up with Hurricane Road as you head southwest.

We just went up to the summit, and then back down again.

Nate is psyched about his accomplishment!

The boys triumphantly arrive on the summit first.

Nate, Alex and Jen celebrate their ascent, while Collin soaks up some rays on the hot rocks like a lizard.

Nate leads the entire group of us up the trail.

My family at the top!

The entire group of us, from L to R: Josh, Matt, Alex, myself, Nate, Jen, Andy, Collin, Karen and Lexi.

Alex explores the summit area.

The expansive view south, past Keene Valley, towards the high peaks.

From left to right: Dix (with it’s shimmering slides), then Nippletop in the center.

Porter and Cascade from Big Crow.