Big Slide via The Brothers 2 (Winter)


Topographic map courtesy of


March 2015


As you may have already read from my first hike of Big Slide, this is probably my favorite of all the 46 peaks. My friends who are aspiring 46ers needed Big Slide, so I suggested that we do it as a winter day hike with snowshoes.

So we got a hotel room in Lake Placid, and got to the Garden parking lot in Keene Valley just after dawn, and started our cold wintery journey climbing the Brothers, (the Brothers is one long ridge line, comprised of 3 “peaks”, or Brothers, as they’re called). There was light snow falling and a steady wind on the exposed sections of the Brothers, so we had to keep moving to stay warm enough.

Then we ascended Big Slide, (27th, at 4240 ft.). The last 0.3 of a mile climbs 700 feet. It was thick packed snow, and at such a steep angle that I really was glad I had my mountaineering snowshoes on. I really needed the extra traction they gave me to get up that slope. I think underneath the snow was that section of log ladders. The light snow eventually cleared, giving us absolutely spectacular views of the Great Range.

Big Slide’s summit, as seen from the third (tallest) Brother.