Big Slide (plus bonus material)!



(Outdated) map courtesy of the Adirondack Mountain Club.



August 2017


Having done Big Slide twice, (once for my 46er quest in the fall, and once in the winter to help friends check it off their list), we were looking for a cool trip to take our oldest boys on, that wasn’t too much of a tough journey. We chose to tackle Big Slide as a longer 3-day weekend, to get our boys some experience with a backpacking trip.

On Friday, after an early lunch at the famous Noonmark Diner, we parked at the Garden parking lot in Keene Valley, then hiked in 3.5 miles to the Johns Brook Lodge (JBL), and set up camp at the tent sites located just beyond the Lodge. It’s a place we were very familiar with, and comfortable with. The close proximity to the Lodge and the potable water spigot there was perfect for this kind of trip.

Note: we had initially planned on camping right off the red Big Slide Trail shown on our map, but after much searching, found that the map must be outdated, and those campsites are no longer used. No big deal; because like I said, we just went to our default tent sites beyond the lodge, and it worked out probably for the better anyway!

So after a very chilly night (37 degrees F), we hiked up the Big Slide trail, summited Big Slide, then continued on to Yard Mountain, and then down to the Klondike Notch trail, and back to Johns Brook Lodge in a counter-clockwise loop. Total mileage that day was 6.6 miles from JBL, and here’s how it broke down:

from JBL to the left turn onto the Big Slide Brook trail, 0.3 miles. From there to the summit of Big Slide was 2.3 miles. From there to Yard Mountain was 1.4 miles. From there down the the Klondike Notch trail was 1.3 miles. From that intersection back to JBL was another 1.3 miles.

Yard Mountain and Big Slide, (being split by the dead evergreen tree, center), as seen from Lower Wolfjaw.