Cascade, Porter


Topographic map courtesy of National Geographic


October 2005


This hike was somewhat of a disappointment, completely due to weather conditions. It was raining, and cloudy, (meaning no view), so there was no visual reward for reaching the summit. The summit of Cascade was bare, open rock, and would certainly have provided an excellent view all around, had we not been in the clouds. Unfortunately, the wind was so cold and strong, we couldn’t stay up there for long. Why would we, there was nothing but fog all around us anyway?!

The hike itself wasn’t strenuous. It is family and dog-friendly and is by far the easiest of all the 46 high peaks. That is partly because the trailhead is very easy to get to, and you begin the climb to the summit immediately, versus having to hike miles in to the interior before even getting to the climb, (like most of the other high peaks).

Porter was also a let down due to the clouds and cold rain. By the time we reached the summit, we were drenched, and getting chilled. The camera stayed packed away.

If you must do these two mountains, and you want to get anything out of your efforts, wait for a clear day.

Cascade is 36th at 4098 ft., and Porter is 38th at 4059 ft.

Porter’s long ridge on the left leads into Cascade’s pointy summit to the right. Seen from Owl’s Head of Keene.


(Part of my Original 46er quest)