Topographic map courtesy of National Geographic


August, 2017


After attempting this mountain so long ago, and being so disappointed with the weather, and consequent lack of views, it was really excellent to share this hike with my family, and have a view this time! I had always imagined what the view might look like on the top of this bald peak, and my imagination was somewhat close. I was pleasantly surprised and soaked up the views, as I pointed out all the other high peaks to my boys.

What made this hike even sweeter was that this was Alex and Nate’s first 46er peak ever, and because they had a great view, I may have planted the seed for them to one day become 46ers themselves. I’m sure I’ll be helping them along the way, that’s for sure!

Cascade is 36th at 4098 ft., and it takes 2.4 miles to reach the summit. The hike is 4.8 miles round trip.

Porter’s long ridge starts from left to right, leading over to Cascade’s summit on the right.