Cobble Hill

(Not one of the 46 high peaks)


Topographic map courtesy of the Adirondack Mountain Club.


October, 2010


Cobble Hill is a small hill located just across Mirror Lake in Lake Placid. It is a local favorite, and therefore the trailhead is (intentionally, I think), difficult to find.

To access the trailhead, take route 86 out of Lake Placid, as if you’re going to go up to Whiteface or Wilmington. Shortly after the golf course, turn left onto Cobble Hill Road. Then make another right onto what looks like a small driveway road (Terrace Avenue), that is shared by many private residences. The parking are is on your left, and there is a small sign on a tree that says Cobble Trail.

The ascent is only 0.4 miles, up 462 feet, to a summit that is 2,325 feet. There is a moderately steep slab of open rock to climb, about three quarters of the way up. You can see it in the photo above, taken from the village park in Lake Placid, right next to Eastern Mountain Sports.

The views from the top are quite excellent, as you look down over Mirror Lake and the village of Lake Placid, and over towards the high peaks and Olympic ski-jumping facility.

We pose at the sign on the tree in the small parking area.

Off we go. The first tenth of a mile is quite flat.

The dads have the youngest kids on their Kelty kid carriers.

A delightful day for a hike.

A sign along the trail, indicating that we’re on the right path.

Starting to get steeper.

After a scramble up an exposed slab, we can turn back around and see Lake Placid. Soon after this, we arrive at the summit.

Dad and Nate arrive at the summit!

The whole family at the summit.

The entire hiking party at the summit, from R to L: myself, Alex, Molly (the yellow lab), Jen, Nate, Andy, Lexi, Karen, Collin, Matt, Laurie, Josh and Jake the west highland terrier.

Alex looks over the golf course below, towards the high peaks.

Having lunch at the summit.

How’s the view, everyone?

From the summit, you can see the hockey arena in Lake Placid.

The sign.