Cobble Lookout

(Not one of the 46 high peaks)


Topographic map courtesy of Topozone.


October, 2016


Cobble Lookout, or sometimes called Cobble Ledge, is a nice, family-friendly hike that is relatively flat and good for families. It’s located very close to the toll house for the Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway in Wilmington, and goes to an open, bare lookout, situated above the North Pole/Santa’s Workshop. It is a relatively new trail, (made in 2014), through temperate deciduous forest. It is 1.1 miles to the lookout, with gentle ups and downs. It’s well worth the small effort for these views!

Nate leads his mom up the trail. Almost there now...

The trail is easy to follow, and not too rocky or rooty.

Alex and Josh on the woodland trail.

The three families pose on the edge of the ledge. From L to R: Alex, myself, Nate, Jen, Laurie, Josh, Justin, Matt, Andy Collin, Karen and Lexi.

Jen and Andy swish their way through a thick carpet of maple leaves.

This is what they mean when they say, “peak” fall foliage...

Collin, Josh and Alex find a cool boulder to chill at.

The view towards Esther, on of the ADK 46er peaks, which obscures next-door-neighbor Whiteface Mountain.

The view southeast toward the Ausable valley.

Further exploration from the ledge leads to a lookout that looks eastward, towards Lake Champlain, and beyond to the Green mountains of Vermont.

Zoomed-in view of the Sentinel Range.

There’s plenty of open space on the rock slabs to sit and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Jen and Nate pose for a photo on one of the many bench-like boulders available.

This boulder leads the eye westward. Behind those colorful trees, the Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway winds its’ way around that dark, ominous slanting slope of Esther, towards Whiteface Mountain.

Alex, Nate and Jen pose on the big boulder, in front of Esther.

Alex, Josh and Collin take their turn at the boulder.

The End.