The Dix Range

Macomb, South Dix, Grace Peak, Hough and Dix


The five peaks that make up the Dix Range are so isolated that it only makes sense to do them in one trip, in a loop. While Dix has a few approaches via marked trails, the other 4 in the range can only be done in a loop, so you might as well just do all 5 at once.

Here is how they stack up, from highest to lowest:

Dix is 6th highest in NY, at 4857 ft.

Macomb is 21st highest at 4405 ft.

Hough is 23rd highest at an even 4400 ft.

South Dix (also known as Carson Peak), is 37th highest at 4060 ft.

Grace Peak (formerly known as East Dix), is 42nd highest at 4012 ft.

We hiked in via the Elk Lake trailhead to the south, and made camped on the western shoulder of Macomb Mountain. It is here that we begin our journey...

Topographic map courtesy of Google

July 2010

Dix Mountain, as seen from the summit of Hough Peak.




  1. S.DIX




(Part of my Original 46er quest)