Esther & Whiteface 2,
Tanner’s 46er Finish


This trip, we got to help our hiking buddy Tanner finish his quest to be a 46er. We left from the trailhead at the Atmospheric Research Center at the site of the old Marble Mountain Ski Area in Wilmington on a brisk early fall day.

We first tackled Esther, and then finished up on Whiteface, where Tanner’s wife, parents and aunt & uncle were waiting for us, courtesy of the newly repaved Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway.

The weather was cool, but sunny, and perfect for hiking. It was a “Montreal” day, meaning it was clear enough to see all the way to the Canadian city of Montreal.

We had a great celebration for Tanner up on top, but our work wasn’t quite done until we got back down to the cars. We went out to the Big Slide Brewery in Lake Placid that night to celebrate with Tanner his official finishing of his epic quest. Congratulations, Tanner!

Topographic map courtesy of

September 2016

Whiteface Mountain, as seen from the entrance to the downhill ski area




Marble Mountain