Giant, Rocky Peak Ridge


Topographic map courtesy of National Geographic


August 2005

Giant’s washbowl – a quiet, secluded pond set into the shoulder of the mountain. There are some really nice campsites situated around this pond.


Giant is just that; giant, and looks more so because its neighbors are quite a bit shorter. It is a very rewarding climb, offering many great views from not only the top, but all along the trail. It is also a unique trail, providing lots of variety, as you’ll see...

Leaving from the trailhead on Rt. 73, just south of St. Huberts, we proceeded up the Chapel Pond trail, and I mean up! No warm-up here; it’s just straight uphill huffin’ & puffin’. We camped at the tent sites adjacent to the scenic Giant Washbowl, a secluded little pond in the side of the mountain. This being outside the official high peaks area, we were able to have a campfire, which was a welcome departure from the norm. What a beautiful setting!

The next day, we ascended Giant, (12th at 4627 ft.), and then hiked over to Rocky Peak Ridge to the east, (20th at 4420 ft.). There is a nice open rock ridgeline going up Giant, allowing views back down the trail, towards Round, Noonmark and Bear Den mountains. The views are some of the nicest I’ve yet seen.

The hike between these two mountains was short but steep, and had us pretty winded. Giant was one of my favorite hikes thus far! It isn’t too difficult, as there isn’t much that your novice hiker couldn’t handle, except sheer incline.

Giant Mountain as seen from Big Slide. Rocky Peak is also visible (barely) on the right side



(Part of my Original 46er quest)