Haystack 2


My friend Tanner needed Haystack, Basin and Saddleback, so a few of us went with him for moral support. Since Haystack Mountain (3rd highest, at 4960 feet), was my very first high peak, and kind of clouded over the first time, I decided to tackle that one again, with my hiking buddy Andy.

Leaving from the busy “Garden” parking lot, we had a leisurely hike past the John’s Brook Lodge. We stayed at a campsite just southwest of the Lodge, where we made our base camp. More details below.

Topographic map courtesy of National Geographic

We reach the Johns Brook Lodge, and the main intersection of many, many trails.


“The Garden”


July, 2016




Jonathan and I discuss how nice it is to be hiking, instead of clicking a mouse on this great summer day.

On the nice meandering forest path leaving the Garden.


Our first bit of incline to get the sweat-a-rollin’!

Getting ready at the Garden parking lot. Finding a parking spot here is very tough on a summer day!

At the registration kiosk. From L to R: myself, Peter, Andy, Jonathan, Tanner and Mark.

Getting used to our heavy pack sometimes takes us off trail just a bit...