It all began on Pharoh Mountain

(Not one of the 46 high peaks)

September 1999


Two buddies of mine invited me to tag along for a backpacking trip in the Adirondacks. We were to go up to the top of a smaller peak, and stay the night on the summit, then hike down. I packed whatever sad gear that I had, (meaning my big and heavy car-camping sleeping bag, my school backpack, and my gigantic, heavy metal flashlight that holds 3 D batteries). For food, I brought a can of Chef Boyardee® Beefaroni, and a can of Chunky™ Sirloin Burger soup. Obviously not backpacker-friendly food! Hiking in a cotton t-shirt and cotton socks, with my backpack hanging way off my back. I look back at it now and think, “Ughhh; so much to learn!”. I did pretty much everything wrong.

Luckily, it was a short hike up the mountain, at only 1.83 miles. The trail was full of blowdown from a recent storm. We had to duck below and climb over lots of downed trees, which made progress slow. The summit was excellent; a perfect place to spend the night. There are several camp sites with fire pits, sheltered by trees, but also many open spots for panoramic views of the distant high peaks and surrounding ponds.

I recommend this hike for a good warm-up or beginner hike.

After seeing the view from the top, I was instantly hooked. I had the hiking bug. Thanks Steve and Andy!


1.83 miles to summit

3.66 miles round trip

Ascent 1,250 feet

Tied for 396th highest in NY, at 2556 feet

Me at the summit,
looking towards
the distant high peaks.

Topographic map of the area, courtesy of

Topographic map of the hike, in detail



Notice the college backpack, with the poorly-packed items hanging off precariously...