Nippletop & Dial 2 (Winter)


Note, we went counter-clockwise, hitting Nippletop first, (contrary to the arrows on this map). Topographic map courtesy of

March, 2016

Nippletop seen from Dix Mountain.




St. Hubert’s

Bear Den


My friend Tanner needed this hike, and since we’d already done this hike in the summertime, and clockwise, (Dial, then Nippletop), we decided to do it in the winter, and counter-clockwise, (Nippletop, then Dial). So we drove up to Lake Placid, and stayed at Art Devlin’s Olympic Motor Inn, which we highly recommend. After a nice dinner out at Smoke Signals in Lake Placid, and an UBU at the Lake Placid Brewery, we retired for the night early.

The next day, we awoke before dawn, and drove to the trailhead at St. Hubert’s, and started hiking with headlamps. The hike went great. We had amazing views this time, thankfully! It pays to redo those first hikes that were shrouded in clouds...


Elk Pass