Owl’s Head of Keene

(Not one of the 46 high peaks)


Topographic map courtesy of Google Maps.


October, 2009


This is a wonderful short little hike located just off Rt. 73, between Lake Placid and Keene. If you’re traveling from Lake Placid, just after you pass Cascade Lakes, the next right will be Owl’s Head Road, which is a dirt road. Follow the road for 0.2 miles and then turn left. The trail will begin just after the turn, on your right. It heads up an elevation of 476 feet, over a distance of 0.5 miles to the summit. It is very much family friendly, and dog friendly, too. The views are really great for such little effort.

Taking a break at a little lookout about halfway up the mountain.

Alex and Jen enjoy a lunch of Smucker’s Uncrustables Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches at the summit.

The summit of Hurricane Mountain, with the fire tower visible at the top, (with the white of the cloud directly behind).

Alex, myself, Jen and Molly, with the trail heading into the woods behind. Note the trailhead sign in the

upper right corner.

The view from the summit looking back up Rt. 73 towards Lake Placid. That’s Pitchoff Mountain on the right side.

The long ridge of Porter on the left, with the pointy dark peak of Cascade on the far right.

Dead center is Giant Mountain, looking over the valley where Keene resides.

The peak on the left half is Hurricane Mountain. The road going up the middle is Rt. 9N. On the very far right side is Baxter Mountain.

Molly takes a rest at the summit, with Pitchoff Mountain behind.

Family portrait with Pitchoff Mountain behind.

Alex and his friend Collin enjoy a chocolate chip cookie. Pitchoff mountain is behind them.

Karen, Collin and Andy enjoy their lunch at the top.

Alex and Mommy explore the trails around the summit.

Andy and I pose for our obligatory boot shot at the official summit marker.

The view of Pitchoff from that lookout through the fiery leaves of autumn.

Friends Andy and Karen with their son Collin at the trailhead.

Me with Alex on my back, ready to begin.