Phelps Mountain


Topographic map courtesy of the Adirondack Mountain Club.


March, 2017

Chris, our most aspiring 46er, signs our group in, for the record.

We assembled our party in the parking lot of the High Peaks Wilderness Center near the Adirondack Loj, and near our trailhead.


Even though I’d already done Phelps, I visited Phelps once again in early spring of 2017. This was
a winter hike in all ways, except in the eyes of the calendar. We missed it being in winter by 1 week.

This trip was to help my friend and aspiring 46er Chris finish his quest. He had only one mountain left,
and  this was the day that he would become a 46er. I was honored to accompany him and his family
and friends up to the top, and back again.

Our base of operations this trip was the quaint and always-dependable Art Devlin’s Olympic Motor Inn,
in Lake Placid. We love this hotel; it’s affordable, close to the village and clean.

The weather was about 36 degrees, with absolutely no wind whatsoever. So many of us were able to
de-layer quite a bit, without any threat of hypothermia.

Jonathan, Mike, myself, Dan, Monica, Ethan and Chris on the way to Marcy Dam.

Chris at the first trail split. We took the blue trail to the left, toward Marcy Dam.

Chris’ nephew Dan chugs some honey; his energy food of choice.

Taking a huff ‘n puff break on the way up...

There was enough snow and ice left on the pond that we could cross safely.

About a quarter mile in, we hit the boardwalk over the bog.

After our break, Chris leads the way.

We took a break to get some food and drink at Marcy Dam. The clouds were too low to see any of the surrounding mountains.

Chris and his daughter Monica pose on Marcy Dam. You should be able to see Colden behind, but not today...

Chris, Monica and Omar head up the Van Hoevenburg Trail.

We soon reach the left turn onto the red trail to summit Phelps. Only a mile to go, but it’ll be a sweat-fest.